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47 votes
Hilarious high or not high. Neil Degrasse Tyson talking in slow motion.
27 votes
The mandelbrot is awesome when you're high. I remember this in school and seeing it go deeper to infinity is awesome.
19 votes
I couldn't stop laughing watching this video. Super slow motion is fun!
16 votes
Flappy Bird! The famous iphone game you can play while high
15 votes
Trippy video. Definitely fun to watch if you're high (thought not sure how great it is when not.)
14 votes
Here's a great video.
12 votes
Break out game with old school size pixels. Trippy.
10 votes
Trippy clips put into a 6 minute video. Watch it when stoned.
9 votes
Mind bending video that dives deeper and deeper into a single picture. Very cool!
9 votes
Game where you fight the dragon
9 votes
fucking a 16 year old asian chick ( in one of the blue states
7 votes
Pacman slot machine game: Super easy to play and fun while hight!